a little history of this website:

this site was originally created as potassiumMCR on 17 sept 2017.

originally created as a way for young me to escape his troubling life, it eventually evolved into a personal project.

i grew tired of keeping up the appearance that a younger me created and i burned out.

i archived the past version of myself on 9 may 2020 for one year minus a day.

and then the war was over.

i named this version of the site after the song "la guerre est finie" by pizzicato five. it means "the war is over". i believe the song was named after the french movie of the same name.

the font is helvetica neue bold italic. the color scheme was created from the coolors.co color generator.

[stolen from Openbooks, Caby & various MySpace surveys]

Name: [redacted]
Known aliases: PotassiumMCR, laguerreestfinie, others that are too personal
Age: somewhere between 13 and 21
Gender: male presenting
Pronouns: he/they
Zodiac: Leo sun Taurus moon
Myers Briggs: ENFP
Enneagram: 4w3
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Hair type: long thick wavy
Height: 5'11"
Blood type: A
Interests: Photography, music history, 2000's design, old websites
Influences: Mitsuo Shindo, Maki Nomiya, Hikaru Utada, Björk 1992-2003
Cell phone: iPhone 7 Plus
Current computer: MacBook Pro 13" (2020)
Operating systems: macOS Catalina, Windows XP SP3, iOS 14.4
First computer: My grandpa's old Dell laptop
First time online: Wikipedia circa 2009
Camera of choice: Nikon D3400, Polaroid OneStep
Languages spoken: English (native), Spanish (beginner)
Politics: Somewhere in the 3rd quadrant of the Political Compass
Religion: Agnostic
Favorite musicians: Pizzicato Five, Cibo Matto, BoA, Saint Etienne, Hikaru Utada, Björk, Charli XCX, Sonic Youth
Favorite albums: "Ultra Blue" by Hikaru Utada, "Pizzicato Five" by Pizzicato Five, " Stereo Type A" by Cibo Matto, "Post" & "Vespertine" by Björk, "You Think It's Like This..." by Mirah
Favorite songs: "La Guerre Est Finie" by Pizzicato Five, "Flight To Tashkent" by Saint Etienne
Certifications: 5th grade "most likely to be [blank]"
Current favorite video games: Minecraft, Pokemon Emerald
Current plushie count: *looks around for too long*
Favorite book: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
Favorite food: Pesto pasta, garlic bread
Favorite drink: Snapple Raspberry Tea
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite texture: Velvet
Favorite time of day: 10 PM-12 AM
Favorite day of the week: Saturday
Birthstone: Peridot
Favorite font: Helvetica Neue or Didot
Favorite fruit: Peach
Favorite vegetable: Asparagus
Favorite month of the year: November
Favorite candy: Something involving peanut butter and chocolate